Thursday, November 16, 2017

Catherine Pooler Naturally Inspired

Hi Folks! In case you hadn't heard, products from the Catherine Pooler Naturally Inspired Stamp of Approval Collection are now available to purchase individually in the store. I have a card from that collection that I'd like to share with you ...

This card uses an assortment of stamps from the Birds of a Feather stamp set. On the panel, the cross-hatchy stamp in green makes a nice place for everything to start from. I stamped just a portion of the script border stamp along the bottom and the postmark. The tiny bird perches on the top and sings a love song. This is more of an eclectic way of stamping, with several smaller stamps in a collage-like style. I don't often design cards this way, as it doesn't come naturally to me and therefore usually takes longer to arrange the elements. But it's fun to do once in awhile!

The cross-hatchy stamp comes in handy again to transform the card base, stamped in pink Party Dress. Instead of looking for a patterned paper, just make your own! You'll see I didn't spend time lining up the stamped images ... some overlap and some leave a gap. Gives it a casual patchwork feel.

Have a wonderful day! And thanks so much for looking!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Merry + Bright, Literally!

Hi Folks! I'm excited to share this project on the Winnie & Walter blog today! It features the new In a Word: Holiday Tiles Cutaways from this November release, and a special, "bright," surprise!

Winnie & Walter, LLC

Thanks for looking!

Monday, November 13, 2017

The Ice Lights Up! OMG

Honestly, folks, this never gets old. NEVER. Every time I make something light up on my card I get silly-excited. Every. Darn. Time. 

This time it's a sheet of ice that this cute bird is skating on! Shall we peek inside?

This is what it looks like underneath the panel. At a high level, we've got the Copper Tape, interrupted by a gap on the negative side so that the pull tab (stamped with Interactively Yours by Heffy Doodly) can complete the circuit. This turns the White LEDs on. The foam tape raises everything up to the height of the CR2032 Battery. In the middle of the lights I've layered an additional piece of "ice" to cover the copper tape so that it doesn't show through the vellum that will cover it.

Here's the finished card before the lights are turned on. The sentiment, skating bird, and ice are all from the newly released Winter Wishes with Evelin T Designs set from Winnie & Walter. The background is sponged distress ink that has been splattered with water. I’ve also added some white dots with a gel pen for additional snowy effects.

Then when you pull the tab to turn the lights on …

Ack! You better believe I was monkey clapping after this! How fun to skate on a sheet of ice like this. With a pair of cute ear muffs, naturally! If you would like to see the full instructions and photos for how this card came together, I welcome you to check out my post on the Chibitronics blog.

Stay warm, and thanks so much for looking!
- Kelly

Sunday, November 12, 2017

CFS Fall Birthday Card

 Hi Folks! Unfortunately with the lack of rain we had in August and September, the leaves in the Midwest never really got to show off their brilliant orange and red hues. Instead, many of them went right from green to brown. So sad! It definitely got me yearning for and searching out those wonderful colors, in real life AND in my craft room!

For these colorful leaves I made a stencil from one of the leaves in Acorn Fri-Dies and sponged lots of Catherine Pooler Ink inside. The leaf vein from Autumn Blessings is stamped with the same ink color that was sponged to make the leaf. For the main sentiment I used So Pretty, and I was happy to realize that the secondary sentiments from Shalom work perfectly for birthday cards as well!

To finish it off I splashed some gold Glitter Mist, covering up the sentiment first so the splatters just stayed on the leaf part of the card, and added some sequins.  

This card is also over at the CAS-ual Fridays Stamps blog today if you'd like additional information. Feel free to use my code "KELLY2017" which will save you 15% off any purchases at CAS-ual Fridays Stamps.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, November 10, 2017

CFS Sugar Plum Fairy and Ballerina Fri-Dies

Hi Folks! We have a special mini-release at CAS-ual Fridays Stamps today! The adorable ballerinas with the flowery tutus that came out this summer are now available in a Christmas set! Only instead of flowery tutus and headbands, she's changed into a snowflake tutu and headband. Super cute!
The Sugar Plum Fairy set also comes with several tiny snowflakes that you can use to build a snowy curtain of twinkling goodness.

 I couldn't resist a healthy dose of chunky glitter to up the twinkle!

I like the idea of the ballerina dancing through her "visions of sugar plums."

 Check out the rest of the Ink Squad to see more awesome projects with these stamps. This set and the coordinating Fri-Die is now available in the CASual Fridays Stamps store! And don't forget, the code KELLY2017 works on everything, including these new release items.

Thanks for looking!

Winnie & Walter Premiere Day No. 4

Hi Folks! On this last day of the Winnie & Walter release, we have two of the cutest Christmas critter sets ever!! You saw some of it in yesterday's post, with the skiing bear and the dancing penguin cards. Well here's another image from the set ... a bear and his friend bunny dragging a tree they just cut so they can have somewhere to put their presents under at home. So adorable, these two! They're from Winter Wishes with Evelin T Designs.

Since the scene was so large, and since these sets have coordinating dies, I decided to make it into a 3D card with the bear and bunny popping out from the card base.

They pop out by way of a strip of paper I cut and folded into a rectangle. When the rectangle is open, the bear and bunny stick out from the card, grabbing all the attention, but also serving as a stand for the card.

Of course when the rectangle is closed, all the layers are flat and the card is ready to be mailed. Although the banners were hanging out earlier, these also lie flat. The banners were made by cutting out triangles and then stringing them through a double layer of gold thread. The letter spaces make a perfect spot to tie the banners to. Love how they swing back and forth after you stand them up.

The "season's greetings" is from In a Word: Holiday Tiles. To make "Seson's" stand up I just went slow while die cutting and stopped just before the cut was finished. Then with an exacto knife I trimmed the negative portions from the card base. "Greetings" was much easier, as all I had to do was die cut it from the patterned paper.

I was so excited to show you this card! 

This next project is not a card, but an ornament! ...

I used all the pieces from the Essentials: Josephine Hexagon Cutaways and tuned them into an ornament. With a NARWHAL in the center. Saying to believe. Hahaha!

When it's time to put them away, you just fold them flat. Did you notice the narwhal's Christmas striped horn?!

To make them, you just fold the hexagons in half, and then glue them all back-to-back. 

So much fun, I made an extra ornament with the leftovers. Nothing gets thrown away!

Then when it's time to store them for next year, they easily fold flat. 

Winnie & Walter, LLC
Well that's it! We've made it to the end of the release. You can see the other projects on the Winnie & Walter blog. As usual, leave a comment there for a chance to WIN all of today's goodies. The Big Giveaway is also going on with a chance to win the entire release!!
Hope you enjoyed it all!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Winnie & Walter Premiere Day No. 3

Hi Folks! So far we've had big words, stencils and tags revealed in the Winne & Walter release, and now it's time to ooh and ahh over two sets of floral stamps and coordinating dies. I'm happy to say they were designed by our very own team member Lydia Evans! So proud of her : ) Here I've used the layered poinsettia and coordinating cutaway as an accent to the sentiment, which I appreciate is Christmas-y, but not expected or used often. Plus I'm nutty about the font!       

I couldn't decide who would make more of a clatter ... the polar bear whizzing down the ski slopes, almost running into a tree, or the penguin kicking her heels up to her favorite tune. So I made both! I put the penguin directly over the word "clatter" to reinforce the message. And tomorrow we just might get to see more of their friends!

The corresponding cutaways are available for all the tiny pieces of the poinsettia so it's nice to have an additional layer for the tiny flowers in the middle. The poinsettia's are covered with lots of clear, chunky glitter. I think the fake variety often comes that way.

Here's a better look at the glitter.

For the backgrounds I cut some hills out of copy paper, blended some distress inks over the hills, and flicked some water on the inked card base. I like how the white spots make it look like they could be in a snow storm, with the large spots/flakes being really close to your face.

For as many bits and pieces I used of the In Bloom: Debra's Poinsettia with Lydia Evans set to make this wreath, there were just as many that I didn't use. You get quite the variety, that's for sure.

There are several different colors of green here, and again, lots of different plant materials.

The background is made by sponging ink through the wonderful Ticking Stripe Creative Screening laid on an angle, and then stopping just before the wreath. This keeps the card one layer. And really, I think this is about the only way to get a pattern on the background, without having to fussy cut around the wreath. 

Winnie & Walter, LLC
We've still got one more day of product reveals, and it's actually my favorite! Make sure to check it out, and also all of today's other amazing projects on the Winnie & Walter blog. As usual, leave a comment there for a chance to WIN all of today's goodies. The Big Giveaway is also going on with a chance to win the entire release!!
Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Winnie & Walter Premiere Day No. 2

Hello Folks! Yesterday we started the Winnie & Walter release celebrations, and we have a lot more to show you today. One of my absolute favorite products of this release is not a stamp or a die, but a stencil!

The Buffalo Check Creative Screening is large and wonderful, and completely on trend. I started noticing bits of plaid in the retail stores last winter, and this year it has completely taken over. This buffalo check stencil gives you a fun version of plaid without all the work of multiple colors, stripes, laying out, measuring, etc. I've used it on this card to make the red background, which reinforces the cozy feeling from the hot drink.

The drink is from a set that is actually free with a qualifying purchase! It's called Warm Wishes to You, and includes a few sentiments, the cup, and the drink inside. After stamping it, I cut it out and wrapped the handle with baker's twine that Shay so nicely tied all of our release sets with in shipping.

I folded a little doily over the charcoal cardstock so my cup has somewhere to sit. While I'm not exactly sure what occasion this card will be for, we do have several December birthdays, so I think I will add "on your birthday" on a strip of charcoal cardstock and layer that on top of the doily when I'm ready to send it. 

This card got me even more excited about the buffalo check, so I knew I wanted it to be the star of my next card ...

I was super excited to see what would happen if I flipped the stencil over and blended a second color in the negative spaces. I liked the solid red and green squares together, but I was most impressed with how the intersecting striped squares looked, and can imagine this with many other color combinations. The lime green squares were the perfect place to add a tiny tree (from yesterday's In a Word: Merry) in a darker green to give the pattern a little more depth.

Since the background was so busy, I knew the sentiment had to be super simple. I went with tiny white letters spelling "JOY" from the Peace, Love, Joy die from yesterday's In a Word: Holiday Tiles Cutaways. 

To make the sentiment stand out more, since the letters are so small, I "underlined" them with a white bow from my vintage seam binding ribbon. 
Winnie & Walter, LLC
That's all for today, but we still have two more days of products to reveal! Be sure to check out the other amazing projects on the Winnie & Walter blog. As usual, leave a comment there for a chance to WIN all of today's goodies. The Big Giveaway is also going on with a chance to win the entire release!!
Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Winnie & Walter Premier Day No. 1

Hello Folks! Well, Halloween is officially over, and I think we all can safely start turning our attentions to the holidays at the end of the year without having to feel guilty about it. Winnie & Walter is having an enormous release of holiday products this week that you are not going to want to miss! There are lots of dies (especially word dies), cute critters, lovely florals, tags, and several new creative screenings (stencils). Today's card features all the "merry" stamps in the In a Word: Merry stamp set. 

They are all stamped off the edge of the card to varying degrees, with a dose of gold Glimmer Mist spatered around.

I like the contrast between the colorful, vibrant, abundance of text on one side, vs. the solitary, simple gold Christmas in plain font on the other side. Plus I think it's a quite happy, slightly quirky, card.

Winnie & Walter, LLC

Be sure to check out the other amazing projects on the Winnie & Walter blog. As usual, leave a comment there for a chance to WIN all of today's goodies. The Big Giveaway is also going on with a chance to win the entire release!!
Be sure to stop by over the next three days ... there is just so much left to show you! 
Thanks for looking!

Chibitronics Sweet Stamp Shop Blog Hop


Hi folks! The design teams from Chibitronics and Sweet Stamp Shop are collaborating this week and have come up with some really great projects! You can see them on the blogs of both companies. I'm on the Chibitronics blog for Day #2 with this card, featuring a glamper (defined by Wikipedia as "luxury camper"). I firmly believe banners and bunting make everything better. Apparently, retailers think we all share this opinion, as it seems like every holiday now has several different pre-made banners available to purchase. If only banners on a camper can keep the mosquitoes away, right?! But I digress...

On this card the camp fire and the widows in the glamper light up once you pull the tab. Wanna see?

The yellow and orange vellum on the fire makes it glow nicely. Although it's a little more complicated, I do prefer the pull tab method for turning the lights on as opposed to pressing on an area of the card. It's a little better to control, and makes it more apparent to the recipient what to do, I think.

Here's a quick video. More information is on the Chibitronics blog if you're interested. 

Thanks for looking!